How Pills Work.

How Pills Work.

Here''s what you might expect and when...Though everyone responds a little differently and on their own timeline, here''s a look at some of the responses men have reported in the first few months on ProSolution

MONTH 1: You will receive access to the amazing For Men Only™ program instantly when you order. We encourage you to learn and start the techniques and exercises immediately. Nearly everyone who takes ProSolution™ Pills and starts the exercises experiences the first increases in sexual libido, confidence and improved erection hardness within the first month. Get ready for comments from your partner, too, who will definitely notice your increased attention and more powerful response.

MONTH 2: Many clients report a noticeably more full and "meaty" feeling to erections during the second month, with exciting new sensations and sensitivity. You''ll likely gain more stamina and the ability to make sex last much longer, and new confidence to focus on new techniques and moves, as you focus less on the chance of premature ejaculation or loss of erection during sex. Partners start to notice BIG differences in both the look and feel during intercourse, and often respond with their own increased libido as sex becomes more pleasurable for them.

MONTH 3: As your regimen continues, you''ll likely discover even greater control, more consistent responsiveness and faster arousal times. By the 3rd month or earlier, ejaculation volume is significantly increased, and orgasms are much more powerful and prolonged. Partners report finding the additional semen volume to be both visually and psychologically exciting.

MONTH 4 AND BEYOND: You''re feeling like a new man as any concerns about sexual performance or pleasure are truly a thing of the past. You''re feeling like you''re at a new level of enjoyment, as erection quality is incredible, sensations are positively electrifying, ejaculate volume makes you feel like a porn star, and your new degree of control has put your confidence and pleasure over the top. From here, a simple once-daily tablet is all it takes to maintain the heights you''re reaching. You''re better than ever. Why go back?